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Homeopathy can change your life

Homeopathy is basically a medical practice system used to treat sick people with the help of minute dosage of natural substances. The natural elements are given in the form of very small tablets and are known as homeopathy medicines. The main aim is to aid the body's process of healing naturally. In today’s world, there is a widespread use of homeopathy medicines. Homeopathy is used to treat deadly diseases like cancer and tuberculosis and also common cough and cold. 

The roots of homeopathy date back to the early 18th Century. It was first discovered by a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann.  The word homeopathy was taken from a Greek word homoios meaning similar and pathos which means similar. Since the ancient ages, homeopathy has been used to treat diseases, injuries, and cuts. Homeopathy medicines are totally natural and have no known side effects. 

The Principles of Homeopathy
The foundation of homeopathy is basically its principles. There are 4 basic principles on which homeopathy works and these principles have remained unchanged ever since its inception.

The First Principle
Works on the concept of ‘let likes cure likes’. Through extensive research and finding Dr. Samuel Hahnemann derived that a substance that is responsible for producing a disease in a healthy body is used to aid the healing process of someone suffering from the same disease. A person infected with a disease shows a particular symptom. By studying these symptoms, a practitioner does their treatment.

The Second Principle
This principle acts on the concept of single remedy. Homeopathy believes that multiple actions can be deceptive. So, only one homeopathic remedy is given to a patient at a time. The response of multiple actions can be harmful so it works on the concept of a single mode of treatment.

The Third Principle
This principle works on the concept of ‘minimum dosage’. Drugs or medicines may have some serious side effects on the body due to regular usage. Small quantities or minimum amount of dosage irradiate or eliminate the possibilities of reactions and adverse side effects on a human’s body.

The Fourth Principle:
It relies on the natural elements. Most of the homeopathy medicines come in the form of very small tablets which are made from natural elements such as plants, animals, and minerals. The process of manufacture is totally different from any other type of medicines.

The Different Levels of Homeopathy Medicine
Homeopathy medicine has been in use since the 18th Century. It has a wide range of uses and is used for treating common cuts as well as some deadly chronic diseases. It is made of totally natural elements and has different levels.

The first level which is also known as first aid is used for minor cuts, skin problems, bruises, and sprains. The next level is individualized medicine for acute homeopathy where homeopathy medicines are used to treat such as infections, common cold, flu and other temporary conditions. The third level is known as the constitutional mode of homeopathy where a person is treated with the help of the symptoms of mind and the body. Here a person’s past and present conditions are considered. The treatment is done by eliminating the different harmful toxins present in the body.
Some Key Features of Homeopathy Medicine and Treatment: 

Firstly, a homeopathy doctor or practitioner evaluates their patient and tries to identify the problems by studying the symptoms carefully. Under homeopathy treatment, the patient’s entire lifestyle is taken into consideration including their present and the past. All kinds of symptoms including physical and emotional symptoms are taken into consideration. 

The names of different homeopathic remedies are written in the Latin language after their different resources names. The resources are generally the plant, animal, and other important minerals.
Potency and strength have roles to play under homeopathy remedies. A remedy is not always judged by its potency. Since the reaction to potency differs from person to person. So, it is very difficult to determine which homeopathic remedy is stronger or better.

Homeopathy medicines have been serving mankind since the ancient age. Homeopathy medicines are totally natural and are made from natural substances. Homeopathy medicines have lots of potential benefits. Since the early ages, people depended on homeopathy medicines for all kinds of treatments. Homeopathy was used for curing all kinds of diseases be it some temporary conditions like flu or cuts or sprains. Also, homeopathy medicines have been extremely beneficial in the treatment of certain deadly diseases like cancer which have taken a lot of lives.

Spiritual, mental or physical, in a homeopathy treatment a practitioner or a homeopathy doctor considers all the aspects. Homeopathy basically works on the principle of single treatment and study of symptoms. Hence, the study of a patient’s past and present medical conditions is of supreme importance. 

Unlike other modern medicines homeopathy, medicines are a lot safer. Almost all the homeopathy medicines are obtained from various natural elements and resources like plants and animals. Homeopathy basically deals with natural elements and have no known side effects.
The conventional mode of homeopathy treatment cures asthma and other allergies. It deals with singular treatment and so multiple medicine usages are not prescribed under homeopathy science. In other words, regular use of drugs and medicines can have side effects on the body. So, minimum dosage also reduces that risk.

Homeopathy treatment is quite affordable. Unlike other forms of medical treatment, homeopathy medicines are not made from high priced chemicals so they are very economical. Hence anyone can opt for a homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathy medicines can be taken or used by children or infants and also pregnant women. Homeopathic remedies are available very easily and given their availability and their low cost, they can be used very easily by people. Also, in today's tech-savvy world, homeopathy medicine is still running at a constant pace. Homeopathy is still considered as the answer to many chronic diseases. There are many homeopathy specialist doctors and homeopathy medicine stores to choose from. Get the best treatment at affordable rates.

The principle or rule of Homeopathy is based on the belief of treating a condition with similar medication as the cause. It describes itself as a process in which the substance causing a symptom due to a large amount of dosage can be healed with the same substance in dosages of a small amount. The dosages of medication are prepared by pharmacists who have specialized in the field of homeopathy. These medications are passed through a process of dilatation and then succession. The remedies to homeopathic medicines have three levels of potentiality, X, C and M which refers to the strengths 10, 100 and 1000 respectively. The potentiality of these medicines depends on the diluteness of the tinctures, by that process M is more potent than C and X, while C is more potent than X. The M level of medications is only prescribed by homeopathic physicians for certain health issues only.

Homeopathic medicines are all natural and are prepared by substances extracted from nature. These medications don’t affect the issue of your body but it enhances the strength of your body to fight the condition effectively. It improves body functioning, immunity and the ability to cure your conditions. When the immunity system of your body falls weak, you get affected by certain sickness. As the body keeps on regenerating its cells, the memory stored on the old cells dies with them only. The young or new cells don’t get any memory from the older ones. The purpose of the new cells is to start from the beginning and keep on creating their own memory. The old cells pass the function to the cells replacing them and by this process, the new cells get all the information required. When you go through a proper homeopathic treatment, it helps in carrying out the most useful information from the old, useless or dead cells to the young new ones. The information not required to be transported to the new cells is erased in the process by the agents of homeopathic medications.

Homeopathic medications are quite different from the regular or allopathic medications in a number of ways that is homeopathy takes a psychological, clinical, environmental, physical, lifespan and assessment of lifestyle under consideration for preparing certain medication. In one word, it is a holistic process. The method by which homeopathy treats certain conditions is that it effectively enhances the ability of the body to fight against foreign substances. It increases the immunity power. Homeopathy doesn’t follow any routine to cure an issue. What it does, is that the homeopathic substance acts individually to enhance immunity power so that the body can heal itself. The substance or the medication is prescribed by the doctor after testing the physical, clinical and psychological status of the patient.

Homeopathy comes into action when the body’s natural ability or mechanism to fight foreign materials or substances is harmed or damaged. Homeopathic medications heal the mechanism and enhance its power to fight the foreign substance. It effectively makes the immunity system more powerful than the foreign substance and cures the condition. It follows a simple principle of, if the body needs to treat sickness and regain strength then it should not suppress any of the symptoms. 

The basic principles of homeopathy are:

Law of Similia

This law of homeopathy states that the exact substance which causes a condition in the body of a healthy person can only cure the same condition when it is supplied to the body in small and safe dosages. It believes that the substance causing a condition can also cure the condition. This process is widely followed and accepted across the globe. It is a rebound phenomenon observed for several conditions.


This law states that every condition or sickness is different from one another, whatever symptoms an individual experience for a certain sickness, another individual might not experience the same for the same sickness. Every individual is different from one another due to the difference in their bodily constitution. As the genetics are not similar the symptoms cannot be similar for all individual. They are bound to experience different symptoms and for each individual their sickness is unique. This observation nullifies the rule of routine medication for all individuals for a particular condition or sickness. Following this law, homeopathy suggests that along with clinical diagnosis, the genetic or the constitutional diagnosis is also very important for an individual. This, in turn, helps the medication to stimulate the immunity system properly and effectively.

Drug Dynamization

This is the third principle or law of homeopathy. The Drug dynamization is a process through which the medicinal properties are activated of a natural substance. The human body does not only constitute of nonliving minerals and chemicals but, the organization of these minerals, chemicals, and vital forces. The difference between a dead person and a living person is evaluated by this vital force. When this force is altered or affected, the body experiences certain sickness and body dysfunction. The Drug dynamization treats such dysfunctions and disorders of the body with the help of medicines prepared from natural substances. Another positivity of this process is that it reduces the chances of side effects.

Singular Remedy & Minimum Dose

This principle states that there can be only one medicine for a particular condition at a particular stage. The one remedy and minimum dosage process suggest that a patient must be administered by one medicine for a sickness. The dosage also has to be at the minimum level for to avoid having side effects from the dosage, avoid aggravations and avoid suppression of sickness and distortion of symptoms.

Drug Proving

Providing a drug for a condition is the systematic investigation of medicinal properties of substances used in homeopathy. This investigation is done on living beings that are not affected by any condition or sickness. These volunteers are not animals as they have a completely different genetic structure.

Now that you know how homeopathy works, you will be sure to use this form of medication over other forms. These are the safest and fastest medicines, and they cater to overall health improvement.

Advantage Homeopathy
A homeopathy is a form of alternative medical treatment that is considered by many to be wholesome and pure. Homeopathic treatment aims at stimulating the nerve ends and bolsters the immunity system internally. The world is constantly evolving and the use of alternate forms of medicine is becoming predominantly more just to deal with the expenses. Some of the biggest reasons to opt for homeopathic medicines include: 

Completely Natural Ingredients
The world around us is full of potent minerals and pigments that are easily available and when used correctly, can be medicinal in nature. The right dosage of the right plant extracts can cure lethargy, anemia, sleep apnoea, and stress. Going Natural has a certain aesthetic ring to it, but more than that, it can be very effective.

Zero Side-Effects
Seeing as the ingredients are natural homeopathic medicines are free of any side-effects. Test and clinical trials have also concluded that they are absolutely safe for all ages and can be used by pregnant women, newborns, and the elderly alike. They are also non-toxic in nature even when they are used alongside other forms of medical treatment. In reality, homeopathy can be used to treat muscle spasms, general or trigeminal neuralgia, migraines, toothaches, chronic lumbago, and sciatica. The allopathic drugs that treat these ailments are either highly addictive or have some unpleasant side-effects.

Wholesome and Pure
Homeopathic treatment targets the nerve cells and immune system of the body. As a result, it aims directly for the root of the disease instead of bottling up the symptoms temporarily. This actually means that the treatment is slow, but over the course of time, it acts towards curing the illness altogether instead of treating localized symptoms in the patient’s body.

Cheaper Medication
Seeing as homeopathic medicines are composed of naturally occurring minerals, plant and animal extracts, and alcoholic solutions it is a lot cheaper than allopathic medicine. To be perfectly honest, the majority of prescription drugs are quite expensive and are not meant for everyone.

Wide Array of Cures
Allergies, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, paralysis, and joint pains are only a few of the well-known diseases that have homeopathic remedies. There are several other mental ailments that it can combat, including phobia, depression, Alzheimer’s, infertility, impotence, addictions, hypertension, psychosomatic and psychosexual disorders, stress, and anxiety.

Non-Invasive Treatment
More often than not, conventional medicine will require surgery to cure pains, fractures, and spams. But with homeopathic treatment, there is no need for invasive surgery. This is a good thing because, in the hands of an inept surgeon, invasive treatments can be quite fatal.

How to Get the Best Relief with Homeopathic Treatment?
Most doctors, allopathic or homeopathic will emphasize that the patient will get better much faster if they are more responsible. There is nothing onerous about it – just realizing that they too need to do some things in order to heal faster such as:

Be More Aware Of the Ailment
Half the battle is won when the patient understands their condition and is able to explain to others what that condition is. Not knowing the ailment causes widespread fear and panic that is detrimental to the patient’s health.

Being Health Conscious
Simply knowing what is wrong is sometimes not enough either. The patient has to be willing to make a change in their lifestyle. Living healthy can create a huge difference in the life of the patient.

No Magic Cure
This is important and bitter at the same time – there is no magic cure. Homeopathy targets the innermost workings of the body and like all good things, it takes time. Increasing the dosage randomly or expecting an instant cure is never going to work. The dosage of each medicine is carefully measured out to be most effective.

Medical History
In order to perform a proper diagnosis and prescription, every physician needs to know more about the patient. This is especially true in medical history. There is no point in hiding something from a doctor and lying to them could even be fatal. No disease is shameful – it is either curable or it is not. Either way, the doctor needs to know. 

Progress Reports of Both Good and Bad Results
It is extremely important to do follow-ups. More often than not, patients decide that when the symptoms have decreased, there is no need to go to the doctor’s chamber again. This is a very bad idea. It is a patient’s duty to keep informing their doctor of what is happening. Some patients start panicking over a sudden discharge of bodily fluids. But this may actually be expected and may very well mean that the body is ejecting harmful toxins. Best not to jump to conclusions.

Precautions About Homeopathic Treatment

Classical Homeopathy
Homeopathic Treatment does not believe in using a wide array of drugs to deal with the same ailment. The idea behind classical homeopathy is based on carefully judging the symptoms and analyzing it thoroughly. The next step is to prescribe a single medicine instead of a variety of medicines. The fundamental idea is to target the largest problem first and systematically treat the ailment with a single drug targeted towards one ailment in particular. Mixing up several drugs may lead to aggravating the situation even further. It is considered to be dangerous by many as the illness may recur in a more dangerous form.

Self Medication
One of the worst practices in homeopathy is self-medication. Not only is it arrogant to think that anyone can practice homeopathy because it is safe, it can also be highly misleading. Eventually, with self-medication, the condition will deteriorate and the illness may actually become more resistant and immune to treatment. Even worse is the fact that when it does deteriorate, consulting a doctor will cause a lot of confusion in diagnosing the illness. The original symptoms may get masked and the cloud of misinformation may actually end up being very harmful. Even though homeopathic medicine is very safe, it is best practice to consult a homeopathic doctor before using homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy – a proven and tested scientific approach to treatment

Homeopathy has been time and again targeted by the critics and several myths are there about Homeopathy that is actually baseless. Homeopathy is an effective and clinically-proven method of medical treatment which actually has more benefits than any other conventional treatment methods. Since Dr. Hahnemann introduced the miraculous healing methods of Homeopathy in the 17th century, several clinical trials and tests have been performed to analyze if the Homeopathy is a scientifically-proven method of treatment or is just a placebo. However, the fact is that Homeopathy is a scientific, completely safe and harmless method that brings zero side-effects on the human body. Also, patients of any age and physical condition can be treated with Homeopathy remedies. This makes Homeopathy a popular option for the children, pregnant women, old and ailing individuals who are sensitive towards the ill-effects from conventional treatment methods.

Is Homeopathy proven scientifically?

There might be many contradictions and debates on this topic but the truth is that Homeopathy has long been proven clinically and approved as a scientific treatment method.  The clinical and pharmacological data have proved its efficacy as a major contributor in the medical science with significant healing properties. Homeopathic treatment methodologies have been approved by WHO and other international bodies and are trusted by millions of users worldwide.

Is Homeopathy helpful in surgical cases?

Though Homeopathy has certain limitations when dealing with critical surgical needs, in certain cases like piles, fistula, kidney or gallbladder stones, corns, and warts can be effectively healed with Homeopathy treatment without the need of a surgery. Homeopathy also helps a lot in treating the pre-operative and post-operative states and prevents the disease to come back further. In certain cases, a change in diet, exercising, physiotherapy and other methods when combined with homeopathy remedies can be an alternative treatment solution for surgeries. It is best advised for elderly persons who are too weak to bear the complications of a surgery.  It also helps in speeding up the recovery process after an operation and helps in dealing with the psychological trauma and stress effectively.

Is Homeopathy safe for pregnant women?

The conventional treatment methods can have major ill-effects on the expectant women affecting both the mother and the unborn baby. That is the reason why allopathy doctors hesitate to prescribe certain medicines to the pregnant ladies in fear that it might affect the health of the child and the mother and bring complications. With Homeopathy, there are no harmful effects on the body and is absolutely safe for pregnant women to use. In fact, Homeopathy can be used effectively to cure certain pregnancy-related issues and eases the labor and childbirth process to a great extent without any negative effects on the newborn or the mother.  Few medicines also help in resolving post-birth complications that are absolutely safe for breastfeeding mothers. Homeopathy remedies are also widely used for treating female-specific health issues like menstrual problems, abdominal cramps, infertility, menopause and so on.

Can Homeopathy bring instant relief?

Homeopathic remedies can actually bring instant relief in acute illnesses if treated correctly. Some claim that Homeopathic treatment brings results very slowly and the patients need to suffer from prolonged illnesses before the remedy starts working on them. This is true sometimes as no treatment method can guarantee a 100% cure and in some cases, Homeopathy has a slow but highly effective and long-term effect on the body. The results may be different from person to person depending upon their lifestyles, health conditions and other factors. Allopathic treatment, on the other hand, can bring instant relief suppressing the symptoms temporarily but can have greater side-effects on the body for a lifetime.

Do Homeopathy remedies contain steroids?

Well, the answer is NO. In clinical researches, it has been proved that homeopathic medicines do not comprise of steroids or any harmful chemicals. They are completely non-toxic and absolutely safe to use. The medicines are extracted from approximately 3000 types of natural sources of plants, animals, and minerals that make it a completely natural remedy with useful effects. The common belief of Homeopathy medicines containing steroids is triggered by their effectiveness in boosting the immune system that boosts energy levels and prevents diseases. This preventive nature often arises the misconception that they contain steroids. But, this is a myth with no practical implication.

Are all Homeopathic medicines same?

As mentioned above, Homeopathic medicines are obtained from thousands of different natural sources that are often combined together for effective remedial action. Most homeopathic medicines smell and look same but the fact is they are completely different from each other with different healing properties. Thus, if you use a homeopathic medicine that is meant for treating digestive issues for other purposes, most likely it will have no effects. To identify the correct dosage and medication, you must consult an expert practitioner who will recommend the right remedies with correct usage instructions for optimum results. Self-medication with Homeopathy medicines might not be harmful but it might not have any effect on you at all if not prescribed by an expert.

Thus, we can see that the most common myths circulating about Homeopathy are mainly vague with no proven base. If you still have doubts regarding the efficiency and accuracy of this popular treatment method, you can do your own research and find out the truth. Lay your belief in the natural and modern method of healing and you will be amazed to see the positive changes it brings to your body. The effects are often permanent and once you find the Homeopathic remedies to be useful, you will never want to go for other conventional methods of medical treatment for sure. Homeopathy has evolved since the time it was first introduced and it continues to grow further while adopting modern technologies and methods. Computerized homeopathic treatment is quite common these days and the modern generation of Homeopathy practitioners are going out of their comfort zones to reach the masses and make Homeopathy more accessible and popular.
Why Ethos Homeopathy Clinic

Ethos Homeopathy Clinic – a prominent name in homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy is an overtly popular stream of medical science that has been approved and trusted by millions of people worldwide. It differs from the conventional methods of treatment as it does not have any side-effects and can be applied to any individual irrespective of his age, gender, and physical characteristics. The results may or may not be effective as there is nothing in medical science that can guarantee 100% recovery or prevention. Ethos Homeopathy Clinic is run by  an expert in Homeopathy who treats his patients with absolute care and professionalism. With years of experience and a pool of satisfied clients. Ethos Homeopathy Clinic follows his footsteps and works relentlessly under his guidance to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and unmatched medical services with a motto to improve lives of the patients. They not only focus to heal and cure the individuals with various health issues but also providing them a guidance to improvise their life full of vigor and energy and obtain better health.

Reasons to choose Ethos Homeopathy Clinic

Personalized attention: At Ethos Homeopathy Clinic, all patients are personally checked and supervised by highly qualified and trained expert in Homeopathy. He gives a personalized attention to each individual patient as he knows that no two cases are similar and each case needs a special approach to resolve. With a deep analysis, he will prescribe the necessary medicines and provide assistance in managing your diet chart, psychological support, exercising regime and so on.

Privacy: Your privacy is respected and patient data is kept confidential at Ethos Homeopathy Clinic. They understand how sensitive your privacy can be and they make sure your visit and consultation records are kept secret. Patients suffering from STDs, HIV/AIDs or other critical illnesses shy away from making their identity revealed in fear of social trauma. Expert doctor at Ethos don’t distinguish patients based on their diseases and you can count upon them to discuss your condition with absolute ease.

No false claims: There will not be any false commitments of providing 100% cure and relief from your present health condition as homeopathy cannot guarantee full-proof remedy all the times. If the doctor feels that the treatment is not sufficient enough to relieve you from the health issues you are suffering from, he will immediately stop the treatment and ask you to get a second opinion.

24x7 support through Multi-way communication: Ethos Homeopathy Clinic is there to answer your call and ready to assist you in emergencies 24x7. They are available online through skype, Viber, video conference and all the popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, Digit, Whatsapp and so on. So, you can connect with them anytime and from any part of the world.

No customized packages: Unlike other health clinics, Ethos Homeopathy Clinic does not offer any packages for the patients to choose from. You can book a consultation and pay only for a single consulting session and medicines. If you feel the treatment method or the medicines to be insufficient, you can always visit another doctor. 

Flexibility: You have full flexibility to discontinue the services and come back again if you feel the other treatment procedures are not effective enough. The clinic keeps their entire patient data secured so your case will be right there will all the records and prescriptions intact.

Integrity: Ethos Homeopathy Clinic is a prominent name in Homeopathy treatment and they strictly adhere to the guidelines and International standards for homeopathic treatment. Integrity and professionalism make them one of the top Homeopathic clinics in the country attracting thousands of patients every year.

Education & adequate knowledge: Homeopathy is a vast subject and you can get adequate information and basic knowledge about your illness and the healing methods free of cost. The doctor and his team will make you learn the A-B-C of homeopathy and give you proper guidance about the diet, exercises and other necessary things you should or should not do. You can also access their website and social media pages to gather enough information.

Modern approach: At Ethos Homeopathy Clinic, they have a modern and computerized approach to analyze each patient and recommending the best remedies based on the judgment. This contradicts with the popular belief that homeopathy is an outdated method of treatment without interaction with modern technologies.

Convenience: Even if you are based at a distant location, it is easier for you to consult the doctor through various online communication channels and order the medicines to get them delivered at your doorstep. This is an excellent reason to choose this clinic giving you all the liberty to communicate with the doctor at your own convenience and getting the remedies from the comfort of your home. So, you don’t really need to visit the clinic in person and it also saves a lot of time.

Homeopathy treatment methods can bring remarkable results only when practiced correctly. Consulting the right doctor is important as he can understand your issues and can recommend the best remedies based on his analysis. Before switching to Homeopathy from other conventional treatment methods you must understand that optimum results can be obtained only if you follow the doctor’s advice properly without a fail. Homeopathic treatment might be helpful in relieving you from prolonged suffering and serious health issues while also helping you to obtain a healthier body and mind with a boost in immunity. Thus, opt for the best Homeopathy clinics in your area to benefit from the natural healing methods of Homeopathy. Ethos Homeopathy Clinic is certainly a good option with their wide reach, reputation and great services combined with a professional approach. They believe in making peoples’ lives better with the true power of Classical Constitutional Homeopathy blended with modern treatment techniques. Hence, opt for homeopathy now for overall wellbeing and stay strong without any harmful side-effects on your body.

Ethos Homeopathy Cyber Clinic
Homeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine introduced by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Its foundation is based on the principle of ‘Like Cures Like’ – meaning that the substance that can cause the symptoms in a healthy body can cure and counter them in that of a sick person.
Homeopathy has been observed to be one of the most effective and safe treatments for a number of ailments and difficult diseases, and Ethos Homeopathy Cyber Clinic aims to bring this to everyone who is in need. At Ethos, every case is handled and supervised by a highly qualified Homeopathic practitioner.

How is Homeopathic treatment beneficial?
Homeopathic medicine has been known to treat and control chronic and acute diseases in an effective way without being harsh on the body or having any side effects. However, people are often resistant to consider homeopathy, primary because of its principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’. On the contrary, here are few of the many benefits one can achieve with the Homeopathic path of treatment.

Safe with no known side effects
Homeopathic medication is known to be safe if used as per prescription. Since it does not involve any toxic substances or drugs and also the dosage of medicine is mild, thus the chances of having any side effects are close to none. 

Individualised treatment
Contrary to other forms of medication, in homeopathy, the dosage, remedies, and composition of the medicine are formulated specifically to each patient. The practitioners usually take into account, the patient’s medical condition, physiological and psychological attributes and medical history before drafting an action plan. 

Mild yet effective
Since the dosage is highly controlled and administered in small quantities, the formulation has a mild effect on the body; thus, making it safe for anybody – from infants and elderly to healthy adults and critical patients. But, this does not compromise the effectiveness of the treatment.

Cost effective and treats severe diseases gently
Homeopathic methods of treatment have been proven highly effective in treating chronic diseases. Also, as compared to conventional medicine it is cost-effective without any risks of addiction.

The body reacts differently to different substances and this varies from person to person. Though administered in extremely small dosages, homeopathic medicines are quite powerful and effective in action. According to some studies, the mystery behind the effectiveness of these medicines can be derived from the way they are produced and a body’s reaction to a substance. It is also attributed to a ‘memory’ theory of water’s chemical properties which is altered due to the interactions of water with the substance and vigorous shaking of the solution. 

Applications for Homeopathic treatment
The field of homeopathy has proved itself in various verticals of medicine and is further expanding its remedies to other fields and verticals. Some of the major branches of medicine where patients can seek Homeopathic treatments are:

Homeopathic Hematology
Hematology deals with the prognosis and treatment of blood-related issues of the body. Homeopathy offers remedies for blood ailments like anemia, leukemia, purpura, lymphoma, myeloma and Sickle cell disease.

Homeopathic Cardiology
The heart is one of the most important organs of the human body, yet it is prone to a significant amount of risk. Cardiology deals with a variety of heart-related issues. While conventional treatments can be harsh on the heart, homeopathic medication is safer for the delicate heart. Various heart diseases like angina, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, thrombosis, hypertension, hypotension, blood pressure, artery blockage and varicose veins can be easily controlled and treated with homeopathy.

Homeopathic Oncology
Tumors and cancers are among the severe diseases that have puzzled doctors for years. These severe medical conditions are hard to deal with and can be extremely aggressive. There are a number of techniques and harmful medical procedures to deal with cancers. Homeopathic medication does not compromise the body’s ability while keeping the cancerous cells in control. Various severe cancers like Blood cancer leukemias, bone tumor, lipoma, breast cancer, liver and bladder cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, chondroma, etc. can be kept under control with the right homeopathic prescriptions

Homeopathic Psychiatry
Homeopathy is highly effective in dealing with mental disorders and psychological problems. From controlling addictions and anxiety to depression and other mental disorders, one can trust homeopathy as the safest path for treatment. Various common psychiatric problems like ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder, insomnia, depression, bulimia, addictions (sexual, alcohol, drugs, etc.), anxiety, anger, phobias and many others can be effectively cured. 

Homeopathic Neurology
There are a significant number of factors that can affect the neurological health of a person. Stressful lifestyle and excessive pressure are the major ones. Also, with aging, people are susceptible to suffer from a number of neurological disabilities. Patients suffering from neurological disorders like a migraine, vertigo, tremors, memory loss, headache, sleeplessness, chorea, Alzheimer’s etc. can seek homeopathic treatments.  

Homeopathic Orthopaedics
The branch of Orthopaedics deals with the medical conditions related to bones and Musculoskeletal System. The bones and skeleton structure of a body can deteriorate over time or due to exposure to harmful substances or the lifestyle of a person. People usually suffer from musculoskeletal diseases like sciatica, spondylosis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthritis and disc prolapse. Some of these conditions can be extremely painful, and corrective and evasive procedures can cause irreparable damage. On the safer side, homeopathic treatments could help with the pain and also treat the underlying condition.

Homeopathic sexology
Sexual diseases aren’t uncommon and a significant number of people suffer from it because of substance abuse, habits and psychological factors. Some of the common problems that can be treated with homeopathy include impotency, poor libido, vaginismus, loss of sex drive etc. 

Homeopathic care for infectious diseases
Homeopathy is highly effective in treating even the severe infectious disorders. From bacterial to viral and other pathogenic infections can be easily cured with simple medications. Some of the common infections include fungal infections, prostatitis, worms, ringworm, malaria, dengue, flu and resistant infections.

At Ethos Homeopathy Cyber clinic, we ensure that you get the best care and reliable professional care for your medical condition. Every case is supervised by the expert and is bound to the sacred ‘Patient-Doctor Relationship’ oath. Please contact us for appointments and consultation or reach us through our online consultation service.


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Real Homeopathy

What is Real Homeopathy?

Real homeopathy, according to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, must cover the following aspects:
Classical – based on principles

Real Homeopathy was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who laid principles called the ‘philosophy of homeopathy’. These were based on nature’s law in relation to our health. He explained that homeopathy is safe only when the laws are followed, and that is known as classical homeopathy. The quack and hobby doctors don’t follow the rules and can harm the patients.

Real homeopathy takes into account of factors that affect health. It includes complaints like the state of body functioning, mental health, environmental condition, events, and more. These are needed to know the reason of disorder and to find the right medicine. Missing any information can lead to choosing wrong medicine.

Many doctors swear by practicing homeopathy but don’t know the significance of the clinical status of sickness. The clinical diagnosis and investigation have to be given for such considerations. It is the only way to monitor the progression.

Individualistic treatment
Homeopathy must be specific, acute or individualistic. The conventional medicines are more generalized like X for arthritis, Y for asthma, and so on. In homeopathy, every step is considered according to the acute cause of the patient’s problem. For example, if somebody has asthma, he will be given medicines according to the degree of his condition. The potency and frequency of the medicine can differ. This is a way of offering indicated remedy that is similar, singular and small. Thus, you will have a similar medicine for a similar cause, use a singular type and at the right dosage amount. People who give homeopathy at random repetition are doing it wrong.

Real homeopathy has grown stronger with time and the research includes the clinical trials. The results have been shown to give significant effect. The process is done based on the right principles of homeopathy. Thus, the value and impact of classical homeopathy is real and based on right principles.

How does Real Homeopathy medication work?
The real homeopathic treatment has to go through a proper process. It includes principles that are listed below:

If a medication doesn’t have a scientific basis then it is not a proper treatment. The treatment given to a patient must have a logical explanation on causes of sickness and remedy.

The real treatment goes into the root of the problem and cures the cause. It doesn’t superficially help like the temporary and wrong medication processes. Restoration of health must be short, reliable and effective. 

Doesn’t suppress
A real treatment will not suppress your health condition as that tends to bounce back dangerously. There are several prevalent treatments like homeopathic quackery that gives a temporary relief but actually damages the patient’s health. The rebound disease is called quacks.

Not propaganda based
Real treatments are not based on propaganda. It doesn’t need the false publicity of testimonials. There are no magical cures that patients get lured into.

Real treatment is always safe and comes with no side effects. At no time will it have an adversity.

Promotes health
Real treatment helps your health recover and not just treat the condition. The treatment gives patients to gain back their vigor and vitality. 

With real treatment, you can prevent the occurrence of another sickness and improve your health condition.

A real doctor who practices homeopathy is honest about his treatment. He works according to the principles and doesn’t play with the patient’s life. One must be completely sure of the person he appoints. It is good to question a doctor to make sure if he is genuine. If there are any doubts when consulting a doctor, it is better to opt for another. Many people consult 2-3 doctors just to be sure that they are getting the right medication.


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Homeopathy explained

Homeopathy is a common medicine type, which was discovered by a German physician – Samuel Hahnemann. The medicine prevailed for over 250 years and still treats chronic and acute conditions. WHO claims that it is the second most common way of treating people and serves anyone. Every year, over 500 million people use homeopathy for their treatments.
Homeopathy is usually preferred as it is effective, natural, safe, and versatile. It also helps prevent diseases and is affordable. Compared to some other medical treatments, it builds our inner health by strengthening the immune system and fighting diseases. Homeopathy is known to heal mild conditions like common cold to severe ones like early cancer stages. From 75% to 90% people prefer the homeopathic treatment compared to other treatments. It is used for asthma, hypertension, arthritis, anxiety management, insomnia, headache, and more. Know more about the medical treatment through the benefits.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment
1.            Natural
Homeopathic products are made of natural elements like plants, animals, and minerals. It helps stimulate our immunity and strength naturally.
2.            Effectiveness
Homeopathy has been used for medical, psychological, surgical and psychosomatic requirements. These are quick reacting remedies for acute conditions.
3.            Safe
Homeopathy comes with no side effects, and that is a sheer reason why the medicines are preferred. These are non-addictive and can be consumed by infants, expecting women or old people.
4.            Prevents conditions
Homeopathy is proactive and can prevent conditions. It improves immunity that helps you not fall sick or relapse. Many times it helps reduce symptoms that can lead to major health issues.
5.            Improves health
Apart from only treating the health issue you have, homeopathy also helps you rejuvenate your body, stabilize physiological function, digest the endocrine secretion, and helps you sleep better. Thus, it leaves an overall health impact and not just caters to one aspect.
6.            Complimentary

Homeopathy doesn’t contradict allopathic treatments. You can take homeopathic medicines along with other conventional medicines. They often work synergistically and improve your health condition. However, this must be approved by the allopathic and homeopathic doctor.

Who needs homeopathic treatment?
People facing acute and chronic conditions can go through homeopathic medication. Many people cannot consume conventional medicines and so they need to turn to homeopathic treatments. People suffering from a nasal polyp, ovarian cyst, recurrent tonsillitis, prostate hypertrophy, uterine fibroids, gallstones, warts, piles, gastric ulcer, fistula-in-ano, fibroadenoma breast, and more, can be treated by homeopathy. Some expecting women take homeopathic recommendations to prevent diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and asthma.

How does homeopathic treatment work?
Homeopathy medicines are like tonics that help our body improve the ability to function on its own.  It includes natural elements derived in medical processes to create the right kind of medication to help treat a condition. From minor ailments to major health hazards, this medication can help us fight diseases. Doctors diagnose, consider, and treat a condition with the help of homeopathy.

Levels of Homeopathic treatment
There are three levels of homeopathic medication – first aid treatment, acute disease treatment and constitutional treatment for chronic diseases. Know more about them below:

1.            First aid treatment
The first level includes the immediate aid. There are medicines to treat cuts, bruises, sprains, food poisoning, burns, and more. Some medicines that you need to buy for your home are Arnica, Apis Mel, Calendula, Cantharis, Hypericum, Ledum, Rhus Tox & Ruta, Staphysagria, and Symphytum. These help you treat injuries, cuts, sprains, minor burns, insect bite, and more. You must know the basic ways to use the medicines and take a doctor’s advice before consuming them. 

2.            Acute disease treatment
Acute diseases like a cough and cold, fever, diarrhea, and more, can be treated with homeopathy. It gives you quick relief and improves the frequency of facing these diseases.

3.            Constitutional treatment
The third level is for chronic diseases like diabetes,   asthma, hypertension, and so on. Your body mechanism might change due to chronic diseases, and the treatments are long. It also includes physical and psychological impacts, as they affect each other. 

When one organ is affected, it can leave an impact on another organ as well. Both of them also have natural ways to heal. However, sometimes it cannot treat a disease on its own. The constitutional treatment caters to such diseases and helps the body treat with the natural medications. 

Time again we have seen how research has confirmed the goodness of homeopathy. The best part about these medicines is not having any side effects. Most conventional medicines come with side effects that cannot be given to every patient. Children and old people are mostly recommended to consume homeopathic medicines as these heal them without any effect. They are more prone to having low immunity and these medicines fit right into their need.
Another consideration of using homeopathy is preventing diseases. Visiting a homeopathy doctor when you see unlikely symptoms is the right step. He will give you medicines that can prevent a chronic condition when it is still at the initial level. 
If you feel that your body is going through changes and you do not feel well, you must consult a homeopathic doctor. Many people think that allopathic treatments and quick, but that is a myth. The conventional remedies can harm you in the long run, unlike the homeopathic processes. We recommend you to understand the benefits of homeopathy and take the right step towards a better tomorrow.


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Friday, January 19, 2018

What is Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy

Background of Homeopathy:
Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine introduced and developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, at the end of the 18th century. It is based on the principle that “like cures like”. It means that any substance, which can produce symptoms in a healthy person, can cure similar symptoms in a person who is sick. This idea is referred to as the “Law of Similars”. It was Hahnemann who turned it into a science of healing.

About Homeopathy:
Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole and not just the disease. It treats with the least amount of medicine necessary to evoke a healing response. This is called the “Minimum Dose” so that the medicines play a therapeutic role than a toxic one. Homeopathy has also proven itself invaluable in preventing illness. The World Health Organization estimates that homeopathy is used by 500 million people worldwide, making it the second most widely used medicine in the world.

Beneficial factors:
Nowadays, normal medicines can cause side effects, leading to much suffering or even death. But with homeopathy, the side effects are near to void so its beneficial in almost all aspects under consideration.

Homeopathy differentiates itself from the western medicine through its positive proactive and preventive traits. Its beneficial factors reside on it being natural, safe and effective. Since It works on Nature’s Laws of Health it stimulates the natural immunity and internal strength and so there are no adverse effects reported from therapeutic use of homeopathic medicines. It works fast and even in acute conditions it gives relief within minutes of administration of medicine. Its proactive & preventive traits does not wait till disease occurs and damages the body. It promotes immunity & prevents sickness from developing even before the illness become clinically apparent or tested positive by investigations.

Homeopathy for Whom?
Homeopathy is found to be an exemplary treatment for those:
• Who don’t find relief in conventional medicine.
• Who wish to avoid surgery like in nasal polyp, recurrent tonsillitis etc.
• Who wish to prevent the occurrence of physical or psychological diseases.
• Who wish to move towards positive state of health with better immunity and vigor.

Homeopathy play a significant role in Early childhood by improving immunity
and growth at an early stage of life.
During adolescence it cures ailments such as travel sickness, dyslexia, autism,
poor appetite etc.
In adult males & females it helps in naturally improving the sexual and
reproductive function.
Homeopathy has unique advantage in prevention and treatment of middle age
ailments like diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, obesity, baldness,
rheumatoid arthritis.
Homeopathy is probably the most suitable medicine for old age when degeneration
sets in the body.
It can be safely & effectively used in conditions like arthritis, poor vision & other
senses, poor body functions, deterioration of mental faculties, memory weakness,
Alzheimer’s disease, prostate enlargement, kidney failure, psychological
disturbances etc.


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